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Where girls listen, learn, love and lead

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The All Girls Advantage

It’s a fact single gender education is powerful—girls are more likely to thrive in a learning environment that offers high levels of positive reinforcement, support and cooperation. Girls’ schools create a culture of peace focusing on academic growth and character formation.  At Benedictine Academy our young women are challenged to become life-long learners who are intellectually curious, rooted in the gospel and committed to justice and integrity.    By removing boys from the classroom, it allows more time spent on learning and it allows the girls other opportunities that would not be feasible in a co-educational setting.  At an all girls’ school, a girl occupies every role:  President of the Student Council, every part in a theatrical performance, and every position on the team.  Attending an all girls’ school provides young women the strength and the encouragement to realize that they have enormous potential and power in being a girl. 

Graduates of an all-girls school, are confident and accomplished. National studies conclude that students who attend an all-girls school:

·         Enjoy high academic performance

·         Perform better in math and science classes

·         Acquire more leadership skills and experience

·         Possess more self-confidence and self-esteem

·         Increase verbal skills

·         Attend graduate and post-graduate schools in greater numbers

·         Witness more female leadership role-models

·         Interact more with faculty

·         Participate more fully within and beyond the classroom

·         Possess greater academic and personal satisfaction than their co-ed counterparts


An all girls' school can help your daughter be all she can be simply by encouraging and nurturing her. Everything is possible. Nothing is off limits.