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Faith & Service
Benedictine Values
Community Service

Spiritual growth is a main focus at Benedictine Academy. In order to help students to deepen their relationship with God and with fellow classmates, BA offers retreat opportunities with different themes for each year based on our Benedictine Values.  

Freshman Retreat

"Community Living" helps our 9th graders to recognize that we are committed to forming stable relationships in the community and to develop a spirit of unity and sisterhood during their years at Benedictine Academy. The girls day consists of an opening Mass, Prayer, song, ice-breakers and discussion groups encouraging the girls to understand that we become who we are by our relationships with others, as well as with God.

Sophomore Retreat

"Who Is My Neighbor" helps our 10th graders to recognize that we practice hospitality and respect for all persons. That we are committed to practicing justice so peace may flourish and to work toward a just order in our immediate environment and in the larger society.  The girls day consists of opening Mass, Prayer, song, self-reflection, ice-breakers and hands-on activities to come up with ways they can help the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Junior Retreat

"Servant Leadership" helps our 11th graders that we are servants to God first and that we integrate a commitment to the common good and respect for the individual. That we call the community together for counsel to make decisions and do not dictate. The girls day consists of opening Mass, prayer, song, ice-breakers, along with group and reflective time. The day also consists of a complete challenge course of activities to promote leadership, communication and working together.

Senior Retreat

“Awareness of God” Seniors participate in a one day retreat towards the end of the school year to reflect on how they can continue to look for God in the ordinary events of each day . It gives them an opportunity, during this year of transition in their lives, to reflect on their four years at Benedictine Academy, share their hope and fears about the future, find strength and courage from their relationship with God and their bonds of sisterhood with each other.