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Tuition Assistance

Not all the students who wish to attend BA can afford the reasonable tuition fees. Donors can help ease the financial burden by contributing to the Tuition Assistance Fund (TAF). All students receiving tuition assistance are expected to be good students and builders of community. TAF takes two forms. Students may qualify for scholarships, which are awarded based on academic performance, or they may qualify for financial need-based aid. In the case of the latter, student families must submit an application and financial documents for consideration. Click here for more information regarding academic scholarships. Click here ldr0730@hotmail.com or call 908-352-0670 x 103 to request more information regarding financial assistance from the Business Manager.

Tuition Assistance is funded by individuals and by foundations. There are two categories of support: Nominal, in which a specific student recipient is named, and General, in which donations are pooled into a fund which is available to cover expenses for the overall program.

Tuition Angels: A donor who chooses to contribute 50% or more of the amount of annual tuition will be named a “Tuition Angel” and recognized for his/her support.